Pinnacle Property Management

PHX CITY SKYLINEPinnacle Property Management currently oversees a commercial portfolio in excess of half a million square feet located in the Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson metro areas. PPM functions as the management arm of various ownership groups, who are dedicated to long term investments. In this regard, it is in the best interests of all parties to maintain mutually beneficial business relationships insuring high tenant retention as well as a high level of guardianship of the assets and their continued appreciation.

PPM employs a select group of experienced and dedicated individuals who function as a seamless team in all aspects of property management, leasing, tenant improvements, accounting and tenant relations. Our administrative, accounting and mechanical personnel are seasoned veterans who prefer to be pro-active in attending to our tenant’s needs and the daily requirements of each property.

Since we self-manage all of our properties, we employ economy of scale when choosing vendors and therefore have the ability to provide cost containment at the highest level. Long-term relationships with many vendors allow us the ability to negotiate below industry costs while retaining above industry level of service. Our accounting practices will withstand the closest scrutiny and consistently strive for the lowest operating costs possible with the highest level of service to our tenant population. Cost savings and tenant relations are an important part of any tenancy and compliment “location, location, location” as nothing else can. Our Management services provide evidence for all to see.

We are selective in our tenant mix and can provide full floor requirements of a Fortune 100 tenant, as well as see to the needs of a 200 square foot Executive Suite tenant. When a tenant chooses a PPM managed property we are glad to welcome them. It is our goal to insure that you’re pleased in choosing a Pinnacle Property.